Yolo County Airport is located close to the City of Sacramento in northern California. The airport services the county cities of Woodland, Winters and Davis as well as the local rural population who work and manage the tomato agricultural activities. The airport has a Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) identifier of DWA and its location is about 6 miles to the northeast from the City of Winters. It averages about 165 flights per day.

The airport has fueling facilities, tie downs, hangers, and a 6,000-foot runway. Ground transportation to and from the airport must be arranged independently. However, there is ground transportation service provided by Davis Flight Support. Other aviation services are provided by Woodland Aviation which is a leader in its field. Woodland Aviation offers sales, repair, and other support services.

In fact, Davis Flight Support operates as a full-service FBO (Fixed Base Operator) providing a full range of services to include heated and secured hangers, luxury crew cars, wireless internet, catering, concierge, pilot’s lounge, and hotel. Their services add a nice touch to this small airport.

Yolo County Airport is primarily a general aviation air facility for agricultural and recreational flights. It sees few commercial flights. Skydance Skydiving School runs its activities and business from here and the airport also sees an active community of skydivers.

In addition to air operations and skydiving, the airport also has the Yolo Sportsman Association with shotgun, pistol, and rifle ranges. Solono Targetmasters conducts instruction for shooting competition as well. It is not uncommon to hear shooting taking place throughout a typical day. As part of the sportsman atmosphere, there are lakes where association members can take in some fishing.

Northern California experiences high winds from the west that pick up significantly about two hours before sundown. These winds are called the Delta Breeze and it is not unusual for temperatures to decrease by as much as 50 degrees during the night. The winds also reduce visibility because of dust and smoke that they pick up. In addition to problems created by winds, the airport lies on flat ground which is susceptible to flooding and fog.

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